Publication Ethics

International Journal of Education and Language Studies follows and implements ethical publication standards to ensure that all submitted articles are in compliance with those standards. The journal team and review committee persistently try to enhance the quality of the paper and maintain the author’s proper ownership.

Plagiarism Policy

All authors who submit their research articles to the International Journal of Education & Language Studies (IJELS) must follow academic integrity and avoid plagiarism. This journal applies a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism. The committee identifies plagiarism by Turnitin online software.

Data Fabrication and Falsification

The authors must avoid fabricating and falsifying the research results; otherwise, they will be imposed on fabrication and falsification sanctions.

Improper Author Attribution

All the authors under the name of a submitted article should have a significant role in the research process and writing the manuscript, so they should be given proper attribution.

Sanctions Applied by Journals

If authors violate any of the ethical policies mentioned above in IJELS or any other journals, they will be subject to sanctions as their articles will be rejected immediately

Copyright Form

The authors are required to sign a copyright form after being accepted, indicating that their paper is an unpublished work,and they show agreement to publish their articles in the International Journal of Education and Language Studies (IJELS).